Motion Activated Ceiling Trilight 3000 Lumens

Motion Activated Ceiling Trilight 3000 Lumens

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3000 Lumens Motion Activated Ceiling Light

Why LED Lights?

LED's have evolved an immense amount in recent years. LED's pack a huge punch
of power in an environmentally efficient package, and they are more efficient than
traditional incandescent light bulbs. LED's are safer than CFL's (no mercury and
fear of breakage), they burn cooler than halogens, and they are much smaller than
florescent lights. What is not to like about LEDs? We agree...nothing! We nerd out
on LED's all the time. In fact, that is how the TRiLIGHT idea was conceived.

3000 lumnes trilight

How the Trilight Started

A few of us were in a poorly lit garage checking out a buddy's motorcycle that
he was working on. We were all shocked that he could get anything done in his dungeon
of a garage. This garage only had one, lonely, 60 watt light bulb mounted to the
ceiling. That poor, overworked bulb was tasked with the job of lighting an entire
2 car garage. We discussed the options to improve the lighting in the room, but
none made much sense in regards to effort vs expense. The most common solution would
be to hire and electrician to wire in a few 8 foot florescent lights. After labor,
time,parts, and scheduling the time off of work to be home when the electrician
can do the work, it wasn't a good solution for any homeowner.

Light Bulb Moment

That's when the light bulb went our heads! We kicked off an impromptu
brainstorming session fueled by beer, creativity and necessity. Pen met
paper, bad ideas came, bad ideas went. There was even some name calling
and a light hearted brawl. When the dust settled, we all knew we were looking
at the next innovative solution in garage lighting. The TRiLIGHT was born!



Upgrading is As Easy As Screwing In a Light Bulb

The TRiLIGHT is as easy as screwing in a light bulb! Just ditch that
60w bulb (Reuse it in a cozy spot in your home where you want some low,
warm, mood lighting...ooh la la), and screw in the TRiLIGHT.

3000 lumnes trilight


3000 lumnes trilight

High Light Output with Energy Efficiency

This innovative light will flood your garage with 3000 lumens of light, but will
only use 24 watts of power. For those of you running comparisons in your head, let
us help you. A traditional bulb only puts out 800 lumens of light and burns 60 watts,
and for those 'mathletes' out there, here are the numbers. The TRiLIGHT is 3.8 times
brighter and 2.5 times more efficient. By my calculations, that means you can now
adequately illuminate your room, save money on your power bill, and be an environmental

A Light that Senses You

This motion sensor isn't your old school tech which leaves you jumping and waving
to turn the light back on. This is new 'Microwave Motion Sensing Technology'. It
is extremely sensitive to even the smallest motions, so you won’t be left in the
dark while you are working in your garage. Every time you enter the room, your light
will automatically turn on. After 2 minutes of no activity, the TRiLIGHT will turn
off. If you happen to be a 'hands on' type of person, and just insist on using your
light switch instead of the motion sensing, just turn the motion sensing feature
off and it will work like a normal light bulb.

Robust Design

We have been told that the TRiLIGHT is beautiful enough to be used in any room
in the house, which is true, but don't let the word 'beautiful' make you think we
made this thing out of lace and doilies. This tribute to the sun is made for the
garage, basement, attic, or man cave, and we designed it to fit the room! The robust
aluminum heads are as much functional heat sinks as they are works of art. They
are mounted to the main body with a friction pivot point, so you can aim the light
where you need it. The steel braided wiring adds to the durability and style, and
the surface mount 5 Watt, wide-angle LEDs are designed to flood the room with light.

3000 lumnes trilight

Daylight White

The difference is clear. 3.8 times the brightness of a traditional 60 watt bulb
is undeniable. You can now easily upgrade the lighting in the largest room in your
home, the garage. However, don't play favorites. The other rooms in your house may
get jealous of all the mind blowing brightness. Screw this baby into any room your
heart desires and enjoy the 'daylight' 5400k color temperature that the TRiLIGHT
delivers. This color temperature will have a dramatic affect on any room in your
home. Plus, it is proven that daylight makes people happy. We aren't officially
claiming that the TRiLIGHT is mood altering or anything, but it makes us happy!
The feeling may be contagious!


3000 lumnes trilight 3000 lumnes trilight


Standard 60W light bulb found in most garages features a dim light output
with a yellow color temperature


At 3000 lumens the TRiLIGHT is almost four times brighter using only
24 watts and features a more pleasing daylight white color temperature.

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