Nibbler Attachment With Extended Shaft For Cutting Sheet Metals

Nibbler Attachment With Extended Shaft For Cutting Sheet Metals

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TorkCraft - Sheet Metal Cutter
Attachment with Extended Shaft

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Sheet metal cutters allows for cutting straight or irregular shapes into sheet metal stainless steel and other soft materials with a standard electric drilling machine, cordless drill or pneumatic drill.

  • Fits any electric drill or cordless drill.
  • Different cutting shapes achievable - straight / curve / 360°
  • Recommended cutting speed 3000RPM
  • For sheet metal cutting: Sheet Metal 1.8mm MAX. / Stainless steel 1.2mm
  • For other material cutting: Aluminium 2.0mm MAX. / Plastic or Plywood
    2.0mm MAX.

Working Safe:

  • Ensure the work piece is clamped and secured before cutting.
  • Fit any electric drill or cordless drill to the 1/4' hex drive shaft.
  • Do not cut a thicker sheet of material than stipulated.
  • Never start cutting before the tool is running at the set speed.
  • Keep a vertical angle between the cutting bit and the sheet
  • Finish cutting through material before stopping your drilling machine,
  • Make sure the plastic handle is screwed over the cutter (not in use) to
    allow for a safe grip

WARNING: Using any tool can be dangerous. Always select
the right tool for the job. The tool can get hot after use, cutting edges can be
very sharp.

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