Plug/Tenon Dowel Cutter 25Mm

Plug/Tenon Dowel Cutter 25Mm

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Plug cutters

plug cutter is used to make a timber plug to hide a drilled hole.

MATERIAL: Hardened steel with a shear angle design for smooth
and easy cutting


There is a variety of different plug cutters in the range, depending on the diameter
hole that needs to be plugged.

The plug cutter is measured on the inside diameter. Always make sure that the hole
is drilled to correspond to the correct plug cutter.

The benefits of using plug cutters:

  • The same wood can be used to match with the current timber.
  • The grains can be alligned to hide the plug even better.
  • Excess offcut timber can be used to drill the plugs.
  • Plug cutters can be used to hide imperfections in wood

For best results, use a drill press to cut all the plugs to the required depth.
A band saw can then be used to remove the plugs from the offcut.

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