Polisher Orbital 254Mm 3000 Opm 2.0Ah Bat & Std Charger Worx

Polisher Orbital 254Mm 3000 Opm 2.0Ah Bat & Std Charger Worx

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WORX WX856L 20V Power Share Orbital Buffer/Polisher

The Worx 20V 254mm (10-inch) Orbital Buffer/Polisher is the tool you need to
get a professional-looking shine on all your vehicles without paying hundreds of
dollars at a detail shop. 3000 rpms of orbital action leave a smooth,
streak-free polish. And the steering-wheel handle and cordless design make it
easy to use. It weighs less than 5 lbs, so it’s easy to control and won’t tire
you out.

This kit comes with all the extra bonnets you need to get going right
out of the box: polisher, buffer, and application. And you know what? This tool
has uses well beyond shining up your car. It makes kitchen and bathroom fixtures
look like they’re ready for a magazine shoot. Countertops and floors will look
brand new. And a freshly buffed banister will become the centerpiece of any
home’s entryway.

But let’s be honest, while that extra functionality is nice,
you’re probably buying this for your car. And instead of getting your vehicles
detailed every so often, you can buff and polish your rides every weekend for
free with the Worx 20V 254mm (10-inch) Orbital Buffer/Polisher.This
buffer/polisher comes with a 20V Power Share battery and charger that you can
use to run any tool on the Worx Power Share platform. You’ll save money when you
can grow a tool collection without having to buy a new battery every time you
buy a new tool.

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