Rotary Mower & Tool Sharpener Corundum Wheel For Drill

Rotary Mower & Tool Sharpener Corundum Wheel For Drill

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Multi-Sharp Sharpening Products
Rotary Mower & Tool Sharpener

Re-sharpens all metal rotary blades, re-edges spades, hoes etc.


  • High quality Corundum, angled grinding wheel produces sharp new cutting
    edges on rotary mower blades, to the correct angle, in minutes.
  • Wheel is reversible to give around 10 re-sharpenings of
    a rotary mower blade, for many years use.
  • Fits any power drill, including cordless.
  • Also puts back a keen edge on spades, hoes, lawn-edgers and axes, making
    them much easier to use.
  • Instructions with product show how to easily maintain blade balance.

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