Striplox 90D White 98Mm Bulk Bag (10 Sets)

Striplox 90D White 98Mm Bulk Bag (10 Sets)

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Striplox - 90D 98 (4”) Black/White

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90D 98 (4”)

The Striplox 90D 98 is an innovative
engineered solution designed to quickly
and easily connect any right angle joints.
It is ideal for common joints including
mitre joints, butt joints, T joints, square
joints, frame joints and flush joints.

The Striplox 90D 98 is the must use
connector for achieving the highest level
of satisfaction. The Striplox patented
design pulls the substrates firmly
together to form a strong and tight joint
in one simple action by distributing the
loads evenly over the entire connector
and joint.

Perfect For

  • Kitchens and Bathrooms
  • Cabinetry
  • Architectural Projects
  • Commercial Design
  • Furniture Manufacture
  • Retail Space
  • Signage
  • Exhibitions & Displays
  • Wardrobes/Closets
  • RV & Marine
  • Feature Wall & Ceiling Panels
  • Acoustic Timber Walls & Ceilings
  • And More..!

Amazing results

Striplox makes every unique joining application streamlined and concealed for use on solid timber, MDF, composite panels, aluminium features, balsa wood plus more. Striplox is easy to install, adjustable, highly customisable
and made from environmentally friendly, durable, heat stabilized glass reinforced nylon. With unparalleled strength
Striplox will meet all required needs in numerous applications.

Aesthetically, Striplox replaces visible screws, brackets, fittings, connectors, latches, cam and dowels, mounting
blocks and other methods providing leading edge design solutions.
Striplox can be surface or rebate mounted in vertical, horizontal, under mount or top mount positions.

WARNING: Always follow the safety guidelines when working with tools, Always use eye protection.

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